We are the Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Games Society (RIGS for short)


We are a small group of board game enthusiasts. The games we play emphasise choice over random events and whilst some games may use dice there is always the possibilty of mitigating a bad roll with other choices. To see what games we have played recently then please refer to the What have we played? section of this page


Our next session will be held on 27th December 2018 at 8pm


Want to know more?

To learn more or let us know you will be attending then please contact Keith on 07789 501605

What have we played?

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John CompanyTime of CrisisYamataïTerraforming Mars7 WondersFor-ExPrime TimeGuilds of LondonNautilus IndustriesLegendary: Big Trouble in Little ChinaKeyflowerKey to the City – LondonThe Captain Is DeadWorld Championship Russian RouletteFlash Point: Fire RescueFirst Class: Unterwegs im Orient ExpressAgricolaBetrayal at House on the HillTsuroKing of TokyoDiscworld: Ankh-MorporkFlamme RougeRailroad RevolutionLegendary Encounters: A Firefly Deck Building GameJórvíkCthulhu: A Deck Building GameAge of ThievesForged in SteelPandemicGrand Austria HotelMare Nostrum (Second edition)Sentinels of the MultiverseAmun-ReApothecaThurn and TaxisPax PamirIstanbulMysteriumBaseball Highlights: 2045Carson CityLegendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building GameArboretumColossal Cave: The Board GameJorakuAmong NoblesCodenamesFirenzeFor Scotland!AlhambraThe Prodigals ClubScovilleLords of WaterdeepLancasterBSG ExpressPaperbackBibliosThe Staufer DynastyGerman RailwaysDiamondsIsaribiQuartermaster GeneralImperial SettlersDogs of WarMadeiraAntike IIPax PorfirianaChinatownSplendorCombat Commander: EuropeThunder AlleyTerra MysticaShipyardCycladesSuburbiaLewis & Clark1812: The Invasion of CanadaCircus Train (Second edition)SpyriumCouncil of VeronaCanterburySnowdoniaTammany HallCoup: City State1775: Rebellion